Q: what are the different types of contructions?

A: There is residential , commercial and industrial.

Q: How much is it to build a new home?

A: This is all dependent on the construction company that you choose to go with and it also depends on how large or small the house is that you are looking to build. Keep in mind that construction companies assist with everything, from the planning, drawings being approved, sub contractors from your builders, painters, plumbers and electricians the price includes all of the following jobs that need to done when building a new home.

Q: What is the first step to take if you are looking to build a new building?

A: It is advised to get the correct construction company to advise you on the best options for building.  They will be able to advise you on all the steps needed.  But first and foremost you will need the land to build the building and have it approved that a building can go up.

Q: Do construction companies only assist with new buildings?

A: No, a construction company does not only do new buildings but can assist with renovating on existing buildings and homes.

Q: Can a construction company build in other provinces?

A: This is all due to the construction company and their level of business. Most constructions companies are purely based in the one province that they can work in.  But if they are requested in other provinces they would need to be approved to do so.

Q: Can a construction draw up plans that you have in mind?

A: Yes they can, you will give them the design that you are looking for and they will draw it up for you.